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Kali Yuga has already ended! On the basis of information available in many scriptures and Manusmriti (Laws of Manu), the time of four yugas (eras) can be calculated. The names of these Yugas are

  1. Satyayuga
  2. Tretayuga
  3. Dwaparayuga and
  4. Kaliyuga

After these four yugas there also comes a Secret Yuga (Gupta Yuga) which is called ‘Anant Yuga’ or ‘Adya Satyayuga’ and it has been proved. The evidence of this can be found in the secret sacred Bhavishya Malika scripture (Granth) written by the Panchasakhas, about which people are not aware. But this mysterious knowledge is absolutely necessary for the welfare of human society and the whole world. 

According to the scriptures, Kaliyuga has come to an end, and we are in Yuga Sandhya. The end of any era and the beginning of a new era is called ‘Yuga Sandhya’ or ‘Sangam Yuga’ (transition period). Kaliyuga’s malicious effects have engulfed the entire human society and the influence is seen among family, between brothers, husband-wife, village, in every state and country. The whole world is suffering today. Various diseases and epidemics have made the entire world ill and unwell. Today it has become difficult for human society to survive without the use of medicines. Within the next 8 years, the whole world is going to face many terrible disasters. Following is the list of a few such terrible events that will happen soon…

Further in the year “2025” when Saturn (Shani) will move in Pisces (Meen Rashi), then all these calamities will take their intense form. In future, all scientific instruments, computers, satellites etc. will be of no use as they will completely stop working.

At present, there is one question in everyone’s mind: how will human society be protected and what will be the future of human beings? “Bhavishya Malika” granth is the scripture in which the answer to all these questions is given. Bhavishya Malika Granth was written in Odia language by the Panchasakhas born in Orissa state around 600 years ago. This is the reason why till today this secret scripture has not come to people’s notice.

With the immense grace of Lord Shree Jagannath ji, through our YouTube channel Kalki Avatar, ‘Bhavishya Malika’ is being propagated in Hindi language from the year ‘2018’. At present, this scripture is being translated and edited in English and other major languages of India like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. on the instructions of God for the welfare of the human society.

Those who follow the rules and regulations described in this scripture, only those people will be able to enter Satyayuga from Kaliyuga. Only then the purpose for which the Bhavishya Malika Granth was composed by the Panchasakhas by following the instructions of Mahaprabhu (the formless god), will prove to be successful. Only through Malika Granth, the Sanatan Dharma will be spread, there will be a gathering of devotees (Bhakt Ekatrikaran) and in the end there will be only one Sanatan Dharma in the whole world.

We dedicate the Bhavishya Malika Granth to all the sages, saints, wise people and devotees of the world for the purpose of welfare of mankind.


“Jai Jagannath”

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