As per Chaturyuga (four-yuga) calculation, the Kaliyuga should last for 4,32,000 years. Due to sins committed by humans, the age of yuga reduces, and according to the Bhavishya Malika, the age of the Kaliyuga is going to be destroyed due to 35 types of sinful deeds. The names of all those sins are described as follows:-


  1. Father’s murder (Patricide)
  2. Mother’s murder (Matricide)
  3. Female murder (Femicide)
  4. Infanticide
  5. Cow slaughter
  6. Brahmin’s murder
  7. Feticide
  8. Maternal abduction
  9. Kidnapping sister
  10. Kidnapping daughter
  11. Kidnapping brother’s bride 
  12. Kidnapping widow woman 
  13. Kidnapping someone else’s wife
  14. Kidnapping women
  15. Abduction of pregnant woman
  16. Abduction of minor girls
  17. Abducting animals
  18. Taking land by force
  19. Taking wealth by force (Extortion)
  20. Doing wrong deeds
  21. Eating Non Veg food
  22. Incest (sex between family members which is forbidden as per scriptures) 
  23. Being extremely dejected or Depressed
  24. Family isolation (not taking good care of family)
  25. Cheating with a friend
  26. Betrayal 
  27. Making love with a lower caste
  28. Bathe naked
  29. To sleep naked
  30. Speaking lie
  31. Condemning the scriptures
  32. Forceful acquisition of land meant for cow grazing, crematorium.
  33. Not worshiping Mother Tulsi (i.e. holy basil plant)
  34. Not worshiping Vishnu idol
  35. Not respecting or worshiping father and mother

Due to the above mentioned sinful deeds, the age of Kaliyuga will be reduced to 5,000 years. All these things have been written by Mahapurush Achyutanand ji in his book ‘Uddhav Bhakti Pradayini’. In this, the conversation that takes place between Uddhava and Mahaprabhu Shri Krishna ji while answering the question asked by Uddhava about the end of Kali Yuga, Shri Krishna ji has clarified that:

चारि लक्ष अटे बतिस सहस्र आयुष कलियुग।

पाप बढिबारु आयु कटिजिब अलप होइब भोग।।

(‘Uddhav Bhakti Pradayini’ – Achyutananda)


The age of 4,32,000 years of Kali Yuga will be reduced to 5,000 years. During the conversation with Lord Shri Krishna in Dwapar Yuga, Arjuna questions Mahaprabhu Shri Krishna ji regarding the end of Kali Yuga, the establishment of Dharma and the incarnation of Lord Kalki. Lord Shri Krishna describes many pastimes to Arjuna, and Mahapurush Achyutanand Ji Maharaj has described the same things in his many texts like ‘Chaushathi Patal’, and ‘Neel Sundar Geeta’ etc.

Arjuna has asked Lord Shri Krishna ji that if the age of Kaliyuga was destined to be 4,32,000 years of total time and due to sins, Kaliyuga would decay to 5,000 years of enjoyment, then “O! Lord, now kindly tell us by which sinful deeds, how much the age of Kaliyuga will be destroyed”.

Lord Shri Krishna mainly describes the impact of various sinful deeds on age of Kaliyuga :-

In this way the age of Kaliyuga will be reduced (by 4,27,000 years) from 4,32,000 years to just 5,000 years. 

The above statements, various vedic scriptures (e.g. Shastras, Puranas) and Bhavishya Malika provide proof that due to many sinful deeds, the age of the era is reduced and the age of this Kaliyuga will also be reduced to 5,000 years. Also, according to the calculation described in the Shastra Purana, the current Kaliyuga is running for 5,125 years, which means that the Kaliyuga is already completely over.


“Jai Jagannath”

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